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I have a GIANT yard. Up until a few months ago, a good chunk of it was filled with weeds despite my efforts to reduce the weeds over the last 2 years. This year, I've been doing it manually. Then I have been getting a garden started. You know food is my other passion right? 

I have entirely too much lawn. And for what?!? To look nice? I am not a "just to look nice" kind of person. There has to be more purpose behind everything I put anything into. Lawn is a waste of resources: water, fertilizer, gas and lawnmower, and landfill. How about if I get food out of all those resources? What a concept. 

So I have been enjoying the work, as it is work, in creating a garden. Its fun. I get to design my landscape. I get to see the baby plants grow and flourish...or die, they sometimes do that too. Soon I will be in the green wonderland of food bearing plants IN MY OWN YARD! Awesome. My resources will be going to better me and the earth.