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Holy crap its almost summer. Technically it doesn't start till June 21st, but really, it starts June 1st. Am I right?

I am not in school and don't get a summer vacation so the lines of "summer" doesn't really matter, but something in the air changes. There is a new excitement and all the fun people come out to play. Fun and fun people can be found every day of the week. It is a great time to realign your friends and make new ones.

'Tis the season for all the outdoor art festivals, events, and shows. I got burnt out last year so this year its hard to get me to commit to anything. I will mostly be showing art indoors through the Eagle Arts Commission in June and July at ........St. Lukes somewhere. The actual location and information will be coming soon. 

Crap that's only two weeks away! I gotta get that stuff figured out. 

I have a GIANT yard. Up until a few months ago, a good chunk of it was filled with weeds despite my efforts to reduce the weeds over the last 2 years. This year, I've been doing it manually. Then I have been getting a garden started. You know food is my other passion right? 

I have entirely too much lawn. And for what?!? To look nice? I am not a "just to look nice" kind of person. There has to be more purpose behind everything I put anything into. Lawn is a waste of resources: water, fertilizer, gas and lawnmower, and landfill. How about if I get food out of all those resources? What a concept. 

So I have been enjoying the work, as it is work, in creating a garden. Its fun. I get to design my landscape. I get to see the baby plants grow and flourish...or die, they sometimes do that too. Soon I will be in the green wonderland of food bearing plants IN MY OWN YARD! Awesome. My resources will be going to better me and the earth.